Saturday, April 25, 2015

Welcome to Kind Love Medical Marijuana Dispensary!

Kind Love is Colorado’s choice dispensary for connoisseur strains, quality, variety and patient service.  While we specialize in organically treated, hand trimmed flowers, we also carry a large variety of products suited for any and every MMJ patient.

Our wide selection of medicated edibles and beverages provides patients an alternative to smoking, while our in-house hash concentrates offer a cost effective bang for your buck. 

For growers we offer seeds and informative books to get you started or keep your garden going.  Although we encourage patients to vaporize their cannabis flowers, Kind Love offers everything from vaporizers to glass to rolling papers as well as a number of accessories. 

Our knowledgeable bud-tenders work with each patient in choosing the medicine and method of intake that best meets their needs, while other staff assists in notarizing Registry paperwork and escorting all patients out of the Center safely.  Kind Love offers a number of discounts from Member Benefits to referrals to first timers!  Check out Kind Love and see what you’ve been missing!